Our Story

Every idea starts with a story. Ours was simple: To provide athletes with products of maximum comfort without robbing the bank.

We know the struggle when it comes to purchasing sporting goods. 

It's almost as if we are shooting ourselves in the foot to buy a pair of shoes from big brands like Nike. It's just too expensive. 

Hence, we came up with an idea... A special idea.

What if we could provide the highest quality sporting goods without having people to go rob the bank? 

You see... the product's price of most big brands have been marked up. Not just a little... BUT by at least 50 times! 

Isn't that outrageous?

Here at durableworkshoes, we don't believe in these fancy "status" that those branded products bring. We believe only in 2 things.

Comfort & Quality. 

Hence you won't find ridiculous prices over here at durableworkshoes. ;)

Whether you're a professional athlete or regular folk, here at durableworkshoes we have something for you. 

We have a wide range of products. All the way from your typical sporting necessity to cool gadgets that can only be found here.

Here at durableworkshoes, we teamed up with suppliers from all over the world to serve you unique and affordable items. 

That is if only you're looking for products with the highest quality without costing a ton.  ;) 


- Team at durableworkshoes