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"Net weight: 28g
Size: S: 35-38 shoe size M: 39-41 shoe size L: 42-45 shoe size XL: 45-48 shoe size
product information:
1. The material adopts the non-glare OK fabric composite diving material to effectively absorb sweat and perspiration.
2. The craft adopts four-needle and six-line seams and the upper and lower mouth-shaped vehicles are bundled and comfortable to wear.
3. The ankle guard is used to consolidate and protect the ankle joint. The model adopts an open-type wearing method, which can be adjusted according to the size of the ankle.
Performance: professional sports protection
1. Stabilize the ankle joints, light and comfortable, effectively reducing sprains.
2. Professional mechanical pressure belt to stabilize the ankle and prevent sprains.
3. Lightweight and breathable fabric for effective sweat absorption and perspiration.
4. The heel is covered with a hole, and the heat is released during the movement, and it is not sweaty.
Application: mountaineering, running, taekwondo, ball sports, fitness, recovery after injury, etc.
Packing: OPP transparent bag single only"


1.Please select the size according to the size of the table, thank you.

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